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A key area in which EMSO ERIC will play an important influencing role is education, promoting Ocean Literacy, Marine Studies, Lifelong Learning and Citizen Science.

Ocean related education and training are essential to strengthen local, national and regional appreciation for the importance of the oceans and to improve scientific literacy.

Most people know very little about the ocean's central environmental feature in their lives – its resources, industries and the career potential it offers. Working closely with educators in schools and universities, with parent and student associations and with other marine organizations, EMSO will seek to pro-actively promote greater ocean literacy and informed enjoyment of the marine environment so that citizens can learn to better understand and articulate their care for this environment.

A diverse and well-trained workforce is important for addressing future European marine-related technical, business, research and management needs. Together with expanding ocean literacy in Europe, a priority for EMSO is also promoting more, and better quality, marine-related jobs. To this end, once the infrastructure is up and running, EMSO ERIC intends to cooperate closely with academic communities and with industry in member countries to develop new opportunities to expand the marine career horizons of interested graduate and undergraduate students.

Through programmes such as new joint industry-sponsored marine studies fellowships and internships, EMSO and its academic and industry partners want to actively encourage more students to pursue careers in marine fields such as high-tech instrumentation research and development, ocean resource economics and health, and marine policy.

EMSO’s aim is to lead by example in markedly increasing available expertise in marine fields while fostering closer relationships between academic and agency scientists and providing real-world experience and accelerated career development. EMSO intends to take a leading role in promoting lifelong learning activities in marine sciences in Europe, bolstering local economies through training in a variety of marine related enterprises.

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