Services for the industry

The EMSO infrastructure is poised to serve a wide variety of user groups and stakeholders, including large and small enterprises whose activities are directly or indirectly related to the use of the sea as a resource, such as

  • oil & gas companies;
  • renewable energy plants/industries - wind, tidal and wave energy, geothermal;
  • medical and pharmaceutical companies;
  • geo-hazards monitoring and prevention organizations - disaster management and mitigation, tsunami and seismic risk -  and climate change modelling and forecasting;
  • port authorities and other bodies responsible for monitoring and security;
  • sipping and maritime transportation companies and regulators;
  • ocean litter clean-up companies and organizations;
  • tourist industries for whom maintaining the quality of waters is paramount;
  • insurance companies;
  • mine & mineral industries (increasing demand for sources of critical rare minerals and materials to support a variety of hi-tech sectors, most notably telecoms, security and defence);
  • fisheries resources, including stock assessment, changes in distribution, response to stressors;
  • underwater sensors and instrumentation developers and manufacturers;
  • industrial organizations and advanced materials companies and associations active in carrying out specific tests (testing services at high pressures: e.g. testing of materials);
  • public administration organisations responsible for monitoring the (marine) environment;
  • international environmental organisations, public interest groups and NGOs active in ecology issues, climate change, environmental monitoring (pollution, contamination);
  • international media: as corroborating reference authority on marine science matters;
  • defence industry - war and military litter and debris detection and disposal;
  • academia and developers/suppliers/users of education & training content and aides;
  • the general public, ever-more enabled, eager and active in the pursuit of personal development.


Moreover, large enterprises and SMEs will interact with the infrastructure as users of EMSO ERIC facilities and data, and as providers of technologies. Specifically, the observatories will be made available to private companies to support innovation through, for example, device and material testing purposes.

Big ocean data obtained through EMSO ERIC facilities will be used to develop innovative services: companies marketing environmental studies as services and applications will use EMSO time series. In addition, companies will be the main providers of sensors and sensing systems, as well as other components to be deployed on the seabed, thus enabling innovation in ocean observing system technology. Companies will also provide logistic services (e.g. ships and ROV services) that are required for the maintenance and operation of the facilities at sea.

EMSO will provide market analysis of where SMEs are most likely to benefit from cooperation with EMSO such as offshore oil & gas, subsea sensors and networks, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), deep-sea mining, and tidal, wave and wind energy.

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