Organisational structure

EMSO member countries and delegates are

France Alain Lagrange

Greece -Vasilios Lykousis

Ireland - Peter Heffernan

Italy (host country)Salvatore La Rosa

Portugal - Daniel J. Martins Carapau (Vice Chair)

Romania - Viorel Vulturescu

SpainLaura Yuste Cano

United Kingdom - Richard S. Lampitt (Chair)

The governance structure of the EMSO ERIC comprises the following bodies:

a) the Assembly of Members: this is the highest decision-making body of EMSO ERIC, composed of delegates from all the Members.

b) the Executive Committee: advises the Director General in the performance of his functions and consists of one representative for each of the EMSO ERIC Regional Teams and one person responsible for each of the EMSO ERIC Service Groups. 

c) the Director  General: Chief Executive Officer and legal representative of EMSO ERIC, responsible for the preparation and implementation of the decisions and programmes adopted by the Assembly of Members in consultation with the Executive Committee. 

d) the Scientific, Technical, and Ethics Advisory Committee (STEAC): composed of independent experts, this is responsible for giving opinions on all matters of a scientific, technical and ethical nature which may influence the work carried out by EMSO ERIC, including scientific, technical and ethical matters linked to the reputation of EMSO ERIC and access to its data by research and operational users. 

The operational activities of EMSO ERIC are carried out through Regional Teams, composed of staff belonging to one or more regional scientific institutions. The Regional Teams are in charge of operating the EMSO ERIC facilities (composed of the observatory infrastructure, instrumentation and hardware, and other resources and services) in a particular region.

During the initial period of 6 months (October 2016-March 2017) of the Set-Up Phase, an Interim Support Team made up of INGV personnel will support the Transition Phase.

The people currently part of EMSO Interim Office are the following:

Paolo Favali (Lead)

Laura Beranzoli (Programme Manager)

Mairi Best (Ocean Observatory Consultant)

John Picard (Innovation and International Relationships)

Paola Materia (Project Manager)

Francesco Italiano (Senior Scientist)

Angelo De Santis (Scientific Research Director)

Flavia Marina Taggiasco (Communications Manager)

Nicola Mario Marcucci (IT Manager)


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