EU research magazine publishes a gallery of EMSO images

EU research magazine publishes a gallery of EMSO images

A gallery of images from EMSO ERIC’s observatories is featured in Horizon, the European Union’s online magazine on research and innovation. The gallery (titled “Into the Deep – underwater machines keep an eye on climate change”) shows the tools deployed at the sites part of the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory (EMSO).

The captions that accompany the images remind the reader of how EMSO’s observatories can gather a wide variety of data that can help researchers understand how human activities affect our oceans and worsen climate change, by using small cameras that can record high-definition videos of the ocean floor, instruments that can detect earthquakes, measure temperature and pressure, and record sounds.

They also mention how these data, transmitted via fibre optic cables or via buoys linked to satellites, can lead scientists to findings that may be included in future reports by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “EMSO’s tools” adds the article “such as one monitoring seismic activity and pressure on hydrothermal vents in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, will also help the EU know if it has reached its goals of improving the health of Europe’s seas by 2020, as set out in the EU’s Marine Directive”.

The gallery is available at:


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