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The e-mail contact for EMSO Interim Office is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The people currently part of EMSO Interim Office are the following:


Paolo Favali (Coordinator)

Laura Beranzoli (Programme Manager)

Mairi Best (Scientific Consultant)

John Picard (Public Relations and International Relationships)

Paola Materia (Project Manager)

Pier Luigi Franceschini (Project Manager)


Moreover, for each of the EMSO participating countries the following people are in currently part of EMSO Interim Office:


Jean-François Rolin (France coordinator): jean.francois.rolinat

Matilde Cannat (EMSO.FR contact point): mathilde.cannatat

Christoph Waldmann (Germany coordination): waldmannat

Fiona Grant (Ireland coordination): fiona.grantat

Mick Gilooly (Ireland coordination): mick.gilloolyat

Juanjo Danobeitia (Spain coordination): jjdanobeitiaat

Eric Delory (Spain coordination, PLOCAN site): eric.deloryat

Per Hall (Sweden coordination): perhallat

Vasilios Lykousis (Greece coordination): vlikouat

Henry Ruh (UK coordination)l: h.ruhlat

Juergen Mienert (Norway coordination): juergen.mienertat

Bènèdicte Ferré (Norway coordination): bferreat

Namik Cagatay (Turkey coordination): cagatayat 

Miguel Miranda (Portugal cooridnation): jmirandaat

Henko de Stigte (The Netherland coordination):

Viorel Vulturescu (Romania coordianator): viorel.vulturescuat

Vlad Radulescu (Romania coordinator): vladrat


Webmaster contact:

Email: webmasterat

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